SGML Conversions

Standardized General Markup Language (SGML) is a platform-independent file format for structuring documents. Large DoD programs and many corporations have been using SGML tagging to process their documents for some time. Now, the Air Force, Army, and Navy have begun imposing the SGML delivery requirements on smaller suppliers.

Converting existing Microsoft Word or Framemaker documents to SGML requires specialized software and expertise. Additionally, all illustrations in your manuals must be processed to meet the specific requirements of the following government standards:

• MIL-STD-45001
• MIL-PRF-28001
• MIL-PRF-87268
• MIL-DTL-87268

Allard has successfully delivered multiple manuals to the Air Force, Army, and Navy in compliance with these requirements. Allard provides SGML conversion services to clients that do not have this capability in-house. Contact Michael Bean at for more information.