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About Us

Allard was established in 1978 as an engineering services company, creating as-built drawings for the oil and gas pipeline industry.  Eventually the company got involved in assisting clients with the preparation of large proposals, which led to assisting clients in the creation of technical documentation.

In 1980 Allard began developing technical manuals for the U.S. Army. This was the genesis of our technical writing journey.  Over the years we have helped many companies create manuals for a wide variety of technologies, across an array of industries. 

Given our engineering background, Allard focuses on equipment documentation. Many technical writing companies focus primarily on software documentation. While Allard has extensive experience developing software manuals, our strength is understanding equipment and creating documentation for operators and maintenance technicians.

If you are depending on your engineers or marketing team to develop your manuals, let us show you a better way. 

Partial List of Customers
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